Money can buy you happiness

Have you ever seen any motivational video in your life or attended any seminar or regular sessions?

Answer would definitely be Yes, I mean, who hasn’t!! And the most common and utterly famous thing they tell you is “Money can’t buy you happiness

Why not?

Who are these people saying money doesn’t matter?

Irony is almost all of them are millionaires; people who are charging you money for the tickets of their shows, people who are making money from their videos which are being watched by you, people who just came in their luxury cars, wearing designer clothes, limited edition shoes and branded watches.

In a world where you can’t get education without paying your fees, you can’t start a business without investment, you can’t fill your stomach without buying groceries; these people have the audacity to say that money doesn’t matter.

Of course money can’t buy happiness for you because happiness is not a commodity that is being sold at your local store. Its a feeling, an emotion, the most beautiful one among all. If you are able to buy your kids any toy they want or buy your mother any piece of jewelry she likes or get your father his favorite watch; the smile on their faces when you will give them all these things, that’s what matters. That smile have the power to vanish any stress, that smile is the true definition of happiness.

So, money does matter a lot as it will help you get all the resources that can be used to make your loved ones and others in need happy. All you have to do is understand how to spend it for the right purpose. Do not spend money over useless things or for showing off. Use it to help the less fortunate ones.

If you truly need to understand the importance of money, just ask the vegetable vendor who come everyday outside your house to sell vegetables, no matter how hot or cold is it outside, ask those little kids who work at restaurants and shops instead of going to school, just to support their family, ask that homeless person who haven’t eaten anything for the past few days.

Its always those who do not have a particular thing that will tell you the true importance of it.

Do not let anyone deceive you into thinking all these illusions. Money does matter a lot. So start working harder and harder for it. Money brings you power and with power you can bring a change in the world.

Make it the ultimate aim of your life. Make your own choices, do what you love, generate an income from it and build your empire. Be the king or queen of your empire and help all those who come to your kingdom regardless. You can only experience happiness if you are making others happy.

Just like Francis Bacon said:

“Money is like muck — not good unless it be spread.




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